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As a Speaker, Sports Consultant, Athlete Development Coach, and Best-Selling Author of Surviving the Lights: A Professional Athlete’s Playbook to Avoiding the Curse, Tywanna Smith has touched thousands of athletes across the high school, collegiate, and professional levels. Her mission is to TEACH players how to become professional athletes through their sport experiences. However, in order to TEACH them, Tywanna believes we must first REACH them!


Tywanna Smith has experience working with nearly 50 NBA, NFL, WNBA, EuroLeague, and other overseas players for over a decade. Because of her personal experience as a former professional athlete and her business acumen, she understands the critical preparation and development that today's athletes need to capitalize off their time in the lights.


As President and Founder of The Athlete's Nexus, Smith emphasizes professional development, personal branding, and business strategies to create long-term success for athletes. Smith earned her degree in Marketing and her MBA from SEC-contender Ole Miss, before taking her basketball talent to Europe for a two-year career as a professional athlete. After retiring from professional athletics, Smith entered the corporate world with Merrill Lynch, as a Registered Financial Advisor to several professional athletes. Smith found herself helping her professional athlete clients protect their assets, build and monetize successful brands, coordinate community initiatives, secure marketing endorsements, and prepare for life after the game.

Smith has transitioned from managing athletes to teaching them the game. To better prepare young athletes for their time in the 'lights,' Smith created a written blueprint for the aspiring professional athlete, and it quickly became a best-seller. The success of her book inspired her to create a game-changing personal and professional development coaching system, Surviving the Lights, to share industry secrets and strategies for athletes at each level of their sports journey.

Smith has also hosted workshops on accountability, leadership, professional development, career transition, and branding. Smith works with high school programs, college programs, and professional athletes, and she helps them implement the strategies needed to maximize career opportunities through her book, personal and professional development workshops, and her virtual coaching program. She believes that all athletes should use their sport experiences to earn the success they deserve. Learn to earn!

Smith has been recognized by several national media outlets, and she has earned many awards for her work with athletes. She was also recently inducted into the West Memphis Sports Hall of Fame. Smith is truly changing the game, one athlete at a time! 

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“Tywanna is an absolutely amazing individual, with tons of experience across the sports business. As a former NFL player, I highly recommend Tywanna for all athletes!”


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